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Gold Label® Leather Care

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Just like us, leather improves with age. To help soften and rejuvenate your new Greenwich accessory, we recommend using our Gold Label® Leather Care. A unique formulation of the iconic Gold Label® cream, this revolutionary cleaner is designed to maintain the fine quality of our leather, whilst improving and reinforcing its overall finish. To use our Leather Care effectively, use a muslin cloth or regular wipe and gently apply the cream to your accessory, before buffing the cream in with circular strokes - in turn, producing a natural lustre to your leather, cleaning any dirt or marks in the process. Please note that there is no cleaning cloth included with this purchase.


Gold Label® Leather Case helps to soften the fine quality leather on your Greenwich accessory, whilst also reinforcing the structure and improving worn goods.

Anti-microbial, softening and strengthening in its unique formulation, Gold Label® Leather Care will help to maintain the fine quality Greenwich leather on your new accessory.



Designed to soften and rejuventate, our Gold Label® Leather Care is a high quality cream that buffs, shines and cleans your Greenwich accessory.


Unique Gold Label® cream formulation in a solid, circular tin.