About Greenwich

For over 20 years our team has been creating technology accessories for world-renowned fashion, lifestyle, tech and automotive brands.
It's our uncompromising and painstaking approach to design that really sets our products apart.

We marry luxury with functionality, form with security, and protection with timeless elegance, all of which is backed by our no quibble lifetime warranty.
Using the best quality materials and the finest hand-crafted techniques, the Greenwich collection boasts an understated elegance that speaks for itself.

With skilled workers and expert designers, we are committed to producing the best hand crafted tech accessories available in the market. 

Founders: Guy Monson and Mike Coombes.


Born on a sunny afternoon in an English pub without the distraction of laptops, spreadsheets or accountants, Greenwich is the product of 20 years' experience designing technology accessories. It may not be the biggest or best idea ever to have been born in the pub - and we'll bet you a pint of bitter that it wasn't the first - but it is the product of our knowledge, genuine enthusiasm and a commitment to offering a better class of product.


Uncompromising on quality. the pride we take in our work is shown in every stitch. Our designers carefully inspect every hide we purchase, right here in our Sussex Offices. We combine this meticulous attention to detail with cutting edge technology to bring you the finest luxury tech accessories money can buy.


After two decades making cases for global fashion and automotive brands, we’ve seen a lot of leather. Which is why we’ve selected from the finest bull hides in rural south Germany, renowned for its impeccable aesthetic and durability.


Our attention to detail and those hidden extras all go towards ensuring that Greenwich products work seamlessly with your mobile tech – protecting and enhancing, but never intruding.


The Greenwich collection offers an understated elegance that speaks for itself. Our contemporary designs are never too showy and are available in a modern colour palette that takes in neutral beiges, autumnal reds and classic inky blacks.


"Combining protection and pristine tailoring, this case is perfect for the style conscious.
Not only impeccably made from the finest leathers and metals by expert craftsman,
this case has a built-in magnetic plate that fixes to your car's dashboard for hands-free driving.
Style, practically and protection, what more could you want?".


"Greenwich cases might easily be the most expensive cases in our round up,
but if you can afford it, its protective prowess combined with its classy
old-world charm more than make up for it."


"For a high-end phone, you need a high-end case.
Greenwich cases are made with the finest European leather and come in an array of colours."